jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Start Your Solar Journey Today!

Distribuidora MegaSol is one of Panama most experienced solar electric and hybrid solar pumping contractors. We work hard to make sure you get a great deal on a solar system that is installed professionally and cleanly on your roof.
We take pride in our solar workmanship.

Solar Design/Build Company:
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  • Installation by our expert team                                                                              
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Iván Quintero

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Who we are?
Is a company dedicated to the sell and installatio
n of solar energy equipment, all kina of Project and implements. Relatively is a new industry inour country but wish many years of utilization. In advanced countries. We here the results are positive, for those who have a need to save energy. We count with technicians back ground efficient knowledge to advice our customer for the shopping, installation and setup of any of our equipment.We work with private and particular enterprise. We offer seminars, free consulting, estimates; repairs, inspection, and maintenance. We also hook up transformers, under ground lines and aerial until 34.5 kilo volts.

 Was founded in 1998 to help tackle Panama And Latin America energy problem.
Over our 10 years we have developed a terrific track record of
solar electric installations.

We have a vast experience from the field doing small projects all the way up to big one such us school and hospitals. Not to mention the agriculture and ranchers sector. Our product comes from a high technology and a very reasonable price.

Fotovoltaica Solar Energy

Is the conversion of solar rays to electricity. This can be done by a solar panel. It is a very simple application even though you have the right parts and the proper installation. The energy obtained it from this can be useful as a power source for you house, office, park etc. Our equipments are high quality and cong live time.

Thermal Solar Energy ---> Water Heater

The thermic energy is obtained by the exposition of solar panels Exchange of heat. Which elevate the temperature of water at 100ºC.This give us an idea of how efficient this equipments are.

Pre – Fabricated System

Are made with the same concept, easy installation for the customer to obtain energy fast, because are pre designed to out put electricity for about 4 to 6 hours a day for two days. This package comes with lamps, regulators, batteries, and all the cables for one low price. Many of this equipment are been sold in rural places of Panama, and satisfied the basic needs of people.

Inversores Marca Xantrex
Automático de todo tipo: Industrial y Residencial.
Panel Marca Eyengreen,
Reguladores Marca Phocos de Fabricación Alemana, son al 100% Efectivos.
Keep in mind that we have 29 years experience!